June Bullet Journal Set Up

It’s finally that time! June is a week away which means that I get to share with you all my bullet journal spread for June! I’m really excited about this spread because my theme for the month, as you may have guessed from my Sneak Peak at My June Bullet Journal Set Up, is space! This is exciting for me because my previous themes have been snowflakes, roses, sunflowers, lavender, and all things nature-associated. This theme is something quite out of the box for me but I loved how it turned out! Also on another exciting note, I found out that my Crayola Supertip markers can do shading! This probably isn’t super exciting for you but I was pretty impressed when I found out and I definitely made use of that in my bullet journal for this month. I also made a couple adjustments to my pages for the month and am so excited to hear what you all think of it! I hope you all enjoy the planets, stars, and rocket ships ahead! So now: less talk, more bullet journal.

The first page of the month is my cover page which I filled with stars and planets and little black holes and, of course, a giant red-orange planet behind the lettering for June! I think this might be my favorite cover page that I have ever done and I so enjoyed making it too! I just used a simple cursive lettering because I didn’t want to distract from the doodles.

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For my calendar page for the month I used a giant rocket to fill up the space. Get it? Space? I used a new type of calligraphy I found, consisting of cursive with little dotted lines where the shadow would go (which I honestly am not the biggest fan of but hey it happens), to write “out of this world.” I carried on with the little space oriented phrases throughout the month so stay tuned for more of that!

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For my habit tracker page I completely changed the orientation of the days for each habit! I used to have it so the days went all the way across the page but now I made little calendars for each habit. Hopefully this will let me know if there are any days I need to work harder to enforce my habits (Monday) or days where I tend to stay pretty true to my habit tracker (literally every other day). I added little shadows to each calendar and used a blue and a purple planet to go between my habits. As a heads up, I switched between doing a red-orange-yellow color scheme and a black-blue-purple one between pages. I liked both of them and they both remind me of space so why not. This page is, of course, accompanied by the reminder to “wish upon a star,” something we should all do a little more of. You also may have noticed that one of my habits is gone, the one for my online class, because I finished all of my assignments for that as of yesterday!

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I am bringing back weekly planners in my bullet journal (it’s about time I know)! I had them for January but found that I didn’t have a lot of time to be making a new page every week so I eliminated them and replaced them with a sort-of monthly planner, but now they’re back (hopefully for good)! You can see I worked a little bit on my shading game here with the planet and another little quote: “to infinity and beyond” accompanied by the shadow of a little rocket ship! I will definitely be sharing my future weekly planners on my blog so be on the look out for those! Also, if you’re me, each week should start on a Monday which is why this page only has three days.

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And another new page! How exciting! So instead of having my “Events” page where I write out all the big events for each month I chose to do a daily positivity page. Basically for this page I will write down something positive that happened each day and can look back at the end of the month and be reminded of all of my wonderful memories! I’m super excited for this page and cannot wait to share with you all how it turns out! I’m afraid the page will get too cluttered with all of the writing but we will see! Also really worked on that blue-purple shading here.

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And now back to the red-orange-yellow pages, with even more shading (you have no idea how happy this made me)! It’s my investment tracker! It’s titled Acorns because that’s the app I use on my phone that tracks my investments, it’s nice having a page for this just so I keep up to date with all of it and remember to check in on it a couple times a month!


Now finally it is the last page (so far) from my June bullet journal spread! It’s my polaroid page! The outline of the page was supposed to make the polaroid look like the sun but instead it looks like it’s surrounded by little candy corns. It is all good though, it makes it cute which I’m okay with. I love this page and I know for sure I’ll enjoy coming back in future years and looking at my polaroid pages and be reminded of all the great times I had.

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

Alright folks, that’s a wrap! This spread was SO much fun for me to create and I hope all of you have gotten at least a little bit of bullet journal inspiration from it! Maybe some of you even learned that your markers can shade like I did, who knows? I also cannot wait to see everybody else’s June layouts! Until next time!



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52 thoughts on “June Bullet Journal Set Up

  1. I love all your pages!! I especially like your cover page and your habit tracker. How you did your habit trackers is really clever and I think I maybe want to try it out that way too (but I’m kinda scared for change 😦 )
    Seeing your June setup, now I can’t wait to set mine up hahah (I do have a theme already :D)

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  2. Awww how beautiful! I love everything about your June planner 🙂 if only I had the time to do it…but having two kids stealing your pens all the time, I mostly end up doing black…and if im lucky blue! Lol

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’m such a sucker for anything planet related when it comes to bullet journaling, so I of cause adore your set ups. I’ve never seen a polaroid page, I think I might start doing that ❤ Nice work Brandon – once again xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I usually put everything in order. Like everything that I use throughout the whole month comes after my monthly and then my weekly spreads.
    Also don’t stress yourself out I completely forgot to prepare this week that is now over and went with a little list format.
    Your drawings look beautiful and I didn’t know you could shade with these pens… I don’t own them in the frist place but never saw or heard anyone doing so before. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love the themes and your ideas !! Just got some new brand new journals,…my other ones were way too messed up…cant wait to share them June set up will be a little late :_}

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  6. I love this theme! I also like how you did your habit trackers all on one page — I feel like it would keep everything much more organized and easy to keep track of.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I love this theme! I’d be really interested to hear how you get on with your weekly planners. Like you, I got rid of them due to time so will be intrigued to hear if you are more successful this time round.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. So cool! I’ve never actually seen people post their bullet journal through blogs before! I love “simplicity” of it yet how you were able to keep up the theme and find efficiency through your pages!
    Coco| pjsandstuff.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

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